Our services

1. Sourcing and Purchasing

Yes, sourcing has become a lot easier thanks to the power of internet and the many trade fairs. But surely in China a lit remains hidden for the non-experienced or non-Chinese. Our team know how and where to find the source of the products you need. We will negotiate the best deals and guarantee continuous required quality levels. As for payments we can help in many ways.
Special requirements need special attention. We have experience in supplying OEM, branded packaging, licensing, etc...

Furniture Wholesale Warehouse :
In first place, Furniture HQ (Huan Qiu Jia Ju) was created to sell on the local Chinese market. But actually many of our AHD buyers load some imported stuff in their containers too (because it's not worth travelling to India or Europe if you find the item you need right here and can load it in you China container) To read about our buying services click here.
Asian Home Deco was KNG Asia's first separate department that offered full services from sourcing over QC till packing and shipping for Chinese (usually reproduced classics or antique) furniture and deco. Needless to say we have a vast network of suppliers of these type of products. To have an idea check the
Business Trip planning :
Make the most out of your business travels! Guides, translators, etc... see info here.

2. China production and product development

We can be involved form the very start by planning your product development, internally if possible but usually via outsourcing to qualified but affordable Chinese specialized companies for design, branding, logo, materials selection, etc...
We know where to source potential manufacturers and together we will select several for in depth investigation before having first samples made. We will cooperate with the right licensing bureau's and make sure all required documents are certified.
Once ready for (mass) production we'll setup an efficient Quality Control procedure, adjust and improve where possible, renegotiate if needed, ... and stay on top to guarantee you get best product at best price with efficient logistics.

3. Local representation

We can truly be your branch in China. We're here to bridge the cultural gaps between the complex Chinese society and your business culture. Reliable and determined.
If you're making your first moves to open to the Chinese market, we will explain you what to expect and be your eyes and foot on the ground in China. Together we will develop a suitable business plan and find the right professional assistance (for ex. lawyers) before starting operations and eventually seeking Chinese partners.
We can setup your physical and/or administrative office, employ dedicated staff, manage warehouses, register business entities (WOFE, LLC in Hong Kong, Rep Office, ...), plan and setup participation to exhibitions, ... and much more. Basically we will treat your business as if it were our own.

Finding a Chinese partner

Sometimes, mainly in manufacturing, the Chinese law will insist that you create a JV with a Chinese company.
But even for developing your sales in China, it's often a good idea to partner up with a well established Chinese company. You can benefit from the market knowledge and experience, and most of all their existing sales network and guanxi.
But there's many dangers and we all know too many stories of foreign companies that were ruined by their "partner".
KNG Asia has a broad network reaching into many different sectors. We are member of several chambers of commerce and have built up good relations with other organizations and embassies that are always ready to help and eventually check out new laws, Chinese companies, etc... Guanxi is a keyword and stands for your connections, network, friends, power, ...

4. Business development of your products in China

a. Sell your products to China
We can import and warehouse your products and sell them through our channels to the Chinese market. That can be your brand's collections, but can also be unbranded products that are unique in some way: ethnic style, your own designs, etc ...
There are many styles still undeveloped, un-imported in China.
Furniture-HQ will present your goods in an efficient way, to make them attractive for B2B buyers. We'll make localized marketing for China and then present it in our online and printed catalogs. If samples are available we also show them at the exhibitions we take part it, or even create a dedicated space in our showroom.
b. Develop your brand in China
There's a huge purchasing power over here, an eagerness to consume and experience new styles. Brands are trying to consolidate their place as the market became more mature. Even if your brand has been successful internationally, it doesn't mean it's going to be in china.
To give you an idea of the complexity, have a look at this list: market entry services.

Although many brands already started positioning themselves years ago, it's never to late to start. Furniture-HQ will study your brand and product, then suggest various programs depending on your budget and our involvement.
Besides being a distributor, we can develop and implement an efficient marketing plan, take part in exhibitions, setup a franchise program, copy-right safety, etc ...

5. Other services

For other trading services, please contact us (also check on this page's right side column).
The service of KNG Asiakng asia trading and qc beijing
While it started mainly as a pure trading company doing a lot of sourcing and QC, nowadays KNG Asia offers a wide variety of professional services.

- General consulting office
- Market Entry Services
- Reps office registration
- Product development
- Localization of sales and marketing
- IT consulting
- Company Registration

Please visit www.kngasia.com for more info.

List of services:
- wholesale
(buying buying buying!)
- sourcing
- Quality Assurrance
- Business Travel: planning and guide
- brand positioning and registration
- reps office management
-  localization of your sales and marketing
- franchising services
- factory auditing
- ...

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